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Association of German Glas Blowers?

The Association of German Glass Blowers (Verband Deutscher Glasblaeser) e.V. (VDG) was founded in 1972 as the Union of German Glass Blowers (Vereinigung Deutscher Glasblaeser) and was renamed in 1998. Today it has approx. 600 members. It is politically independent. The purpose of the VDG is to maintain and promote its members professional interests. The "VDG Nachrichten" (VDG News) is the official source of information of the Association of German Glass Blowers. It provides members with a continuous flow of information on work-related questions such as work techniques and training. The VDG News is a quarterly publication and is included in the membership fees. The VDG runs advanced training seminars. The program of the seminars is made up of lectures and factory tours. Where possible, practical demonstrations of work techniques are given (Workshops). Apart from that, during the seminar there is an exhibition of technical glass equipment, specialist publications, glass processing machinery and tools as well as ornamental glass work.
§3 Membership
  1. Any natural person who has attained at least the certificate of proficiency in one of the recognised vocations requiring an apprenticeship in glass processing can become an ordinary member.
  2. Any natural or legal person in private and public law as well as authorities, companies and associations can become a supporting member if interested in the aims and tasks of the association and prepared to support the association, providing it is not possible become an ordinary member.
Join us and become a member of the VDG.
Membership fee: € 50,00 per year, invoice payers + 10% to cover additional expenses,
members not resident in Germany € 64,32 per year.
Financial year is the calendar year, monthly payment of fee is not possible.
Trainees get free membership.
Contact adress:
Verband Deutscher Glasbläser e.V.
Robert W├Âlfl
Arberstr. 10
94447 Plattling
Germany / Alemagne
Download your membership PDF form here, print it, fill it and send it back via mail. 
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